Sudarshan Chakara

Sudarsana chakra is Bhagavan Narayana’s weapon or the symbol ans which is known as the most powerful weapon in the universe. The symbol of the Sudarsana chakra is a combination of two triangles of opposite direction in the center of the lotus flower with thousand Petals. The “Sri Chakra” the symbol of the Devi also contains triangles in the lotus flower ( please check in the google if you want to see the chakras ). Actually, these are developed and written by the Rishis and Yogis those who attained from their deep meditation and thapasya of years and years and which is mentioned in the Vedas.

The vedas contains the science behind all these facts and secrets about the universe and which narrates through stories to the normal public to understand easily. If we go more further through the science behind these facts, we will be surprised as the science mentioned in the Vedas are more updated than the modern Science. According to the Vedas, Everything is came out of just one thing and go back to the same thing which exits always. Also Bhagvan Narayan holds in his VURAT ROOP the entire multiverse ( thousand of universe – just few years back the the scientists confirmed it is not universe but multiverse) 1/3rd of his body and the 3/4 no one knows the rest of it. In the KARAN ROOPA he exits in the TRIO FORM ” Trimoorthy” related to the KARMA he is enagaged with – Srishti ( Creation – Brahma, Sthithi ( Existence and management ) – Vishnu, Somhaara ( Distruction or dissolve ) as Siva. That is the reason this Trios got the short name GOD – Generates, Operates, Dissolve.

As we all knows the smallest particle of any compound is the Molecules which is the combination of different types of atoms. All the atoms are made of the Trios – Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. This trios are the base of everything in the universe. Each protons, Nutrons & Electrons are made of 3 “QUARKS” which is connected in the form Triangles and the properties changes as per the different mode of connections such one upper quarks two lower quarks… .. If we go further, we can see all these quarks are made of just STRINGS which is revolving itself in a highest speed and look like a glowing rubber band. which means everything made of the strings and which could be dissolved to the strings again

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