Importance of waking up at Brahmamuhurt

As specified by the Dharmashastras, we should get up at Brahmamuhurt, which is three hours before the Sunrise.

1. Celestial souls of Divine nature move around during the Brahmamuhurt.

2. This period is Sattva component predominant. In this period, man’s intellect is pure and radiant.

3. During this period, there is an enhancement in qualities like purification of Sattva, getting engrossed in Karma, acquisition of Knowledge, donating, control over sense-organs, penance, Truth and peace. The qualities of compassion, moderation, shying away from objectionable Karma, stability, radiance and purity in behaviour are developed.

4. Insects like mosquitoes, bugs and fleas become weak.

5. The influence of distressing energies reduces.

Thus, it is evident that the Brahmamuhurt is a beneficial and important period for everyone.

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