dont be just bookish respect people with there knowledge based on there experince

Once a scholar was being ferried across a river by a poor boatman. During the boat-ride, they spent a while in conversation. The scholar named a number of Holy texts and asked the boatman if he had studied them. When the boatman replied in the negative, the scholar remarked, “You have wasted half your life.”

As this discussion was going on, the boat sprang a leak and water rapidly entered in through the crevices. Seeing this, the boatman asked the scholar, “Sir, can you swim ?” The scholar replied, “I have read several books on swimming and gathered a lot of information on it, but I cannot swim.” The boatman then commented, “Then your entire life has gone to waste. The boat is about to sink !”

The scholar’s theoretical knowledge was of no use to him.

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